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Water Well Drilling & Pump Installations in Avondale, PA

Offering water well drilling, water pump installation, geothermal well drilling and Hydro-Frac® services, K L Madron Well Drilling, LLC is here to provide local homes and businesses in Southeastern Pennsylvania and Northern Delaware with a quality energy source and a good supply of water. Established in 1962, K L Madron Well Drilling, LLC has developed the tools and experience necessary to complete jobs effectively and in a timely fashion.

Water Pumps

Water Pump - Hydrofracturing in Avondale, PA
K L Madron Well Drilling, LLC offers professional installation and servicing of water pumps. Call us when your wells are dry and we'll provide prompt assistance and an effective solution to your water problem. From low water pressure to air in the lines, our well pump technicians can determine the cause of your water problem and correct it. We diagnose water pumps, pressure tanks and all related parts and equipment. Each of our well pump technicians has at least 10 years of experience in water pump installation and repairs, so rest easy knowing that your property is in capable hands who will quickly find and resolve the issue with your water system.


Hydrofrac Truck - Hydrofracturing in Avondale, PA
Hydrofreaking - Hydrofracturing in Avondale, PA
Designed for hard rock wells, hydrofracking is the process of injecting high-pressure, high-volume water into a low-yield water well to open and clean out the fractures in the rock, allowing the well to yield more water. If you would like to get more from your low-yield water well, K L Madron Well Drilling, LLC may be able to assist you. The process has a 95% success rate nationally, and as the only local source for Hydro-Frac® technology, we are the people to call when you want to increase the yield of your water well. Call us today to discuss hydro-fracking for your well.

Geothermal Well Drilling

Red Truck - Hydrofracturing in Avondale, PA
Geothermal energy is the cleaner, safer, easier way to heat and cool your home or business. Tapped from the Earth's infinite supply, geothermal energy is completely renewable and more efficient than conventional energy sources like propane and fuel oil because it offers a greater number of BTUs per dollar spent to obtain it. In addition to general efficiency, geothermal systems allow buildings to be heated and cooled by zones or by individual rooms, so more precise temperature control is possible. Geothermal systems also take up less space, with there being no above-ground equipment to house.  Read more