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Water Well Pump Installations in Avondale, PA

For over 50 years, K L Madron Well Drilling, LLC has offered water well drilling, water pump installation, and hydro-fracking services to help property owners in Southeastern Pennsylvania and Northern Delaware get the water they need in order to run their homes and businesses. You may have questions about water pumps and the following useful information may answer some of those questions.

Well Pumps

Water Pump - Hydrofracturing in Avondale, PA
K L Madron Well Drilling, LLC installs submersible water pumps. Some factors that can affect the life and effectiveness of a submersible pump include:
  1. The quality of the water.
  2. How often and how much water is used.
  3. The size of the pressure tank.

Typically, a submersible water pump will last and provide optimal performance for 8-10 years.

Water Treatment

Because the quality of water can affect the life of your water well pump, your water may require treatment to remove contaminants and other substances that could negatively affect the pump. Dirt, minerals, iron and other foreign substances can be detrimental to the effectiveness of the water pump in large amounts. Some clues that your water may need to be treated might be the presence of an odor, staining, or clogged faucet aerators. The water in this area is usually fairly hard and you may benefit from a water softening treatment. Visit for information about water treatment.
If you are in need of a water well pump installation, call K L Madron Well Drilling, LLC at 610-444-4500 to schedule a service call.